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Security & fraud

and control

We take security very seriously. Whether that’s access to our systems, data security, or protecting cardholder data – we use the most up-to-date technology and always keep abreast of the latest security standards.

We follow strict policies and procedures that help keep your business, employees, and data safe and secure.

Premium security tools

from fraudsters

Best-in-class mechanisms for authentication, monitoring usage and controlling access through roles and permissions.

We employ robust encryption protocols to establish a secure connection between your customers’ web browsers and our platform.

Premium security tools

Security Measures for Peace of Mind


Using premium cloud standards, all data is collected and transmitted securely over HTTPS, with multi-factor authentication and IP restrictions for additional control and confidence.

Fraud-busting tools
at your fingertips

Elorn’s payment gateway has an inbuilt fraud management engine with 120+ risk checks, which you can add and edit easily in real time.


Our gateway uses advanced measures to safeguard your transactions with utmost reliability.

Secure 2

3DS2 offers an improved customer authentication experience, resulting in fewer abandoned shopping carts and increased revenue capture.

Know your

We take active steps to protect you and your customers – ensuring payments are put through transaction monitoring, customer screening and anti-money laundering checks.


Elorn is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider. You can easily create a secure checkout experience for your customers giving them confidence in their transactions.

This is Elorn

Streamline processes and maximise productivity for greater business growth.