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Make payments

Make hassle-free payments

We know problems making payments are the last thing your business needs, which is why we decided to build a better way: intuitive tech that removes many of the outdated manual processes that result in increased time and cost.

Save time, save money, make fewer payment errors

Whether it’s a single one-off payment, or regular batch payments to suppliers or partners – our tech has been proven to be relied upon.

Our Service

Empower your finance team

Enhanced payment

Reduction in payment errors with our advanced validation checks.


Approve your team’s payments securely in seconds.

Bulk payments

Send multiple payments using our bulk upload feature.


Stay in control – invite team members, assign roles, set permissions.


Add, remove and edit payees whenever you need to.


Audit trail logs capture member activity.

Our Commitment

Smooth Payment Experiences

Combining best-in-class technology, security and customer care with years of proven experience and expertise. Our goal is to take the pain out of payments – so you can worry less and innovate more.

Discover more about what drives us.

Evapo logo, representing our valued customer in the vape industry.

Andrej Kuttruf

CEO and Co-Founder @Evapo

“We were impressed with the personal approach we experienced with Elorn.”

“Customer service has made the difference for us versus competitors. We knew that we could discuss any issue and it would be dealt with quickly.”

    This is Elorn

    Streamline processes and maximise productivity for greater business growth.